Mind Reading: Chris Cox
Gilded Balloon Teviot
Four Stars

Reviewed by Drew McAdam

THIS is a show that will change the way you think about your life.

Cox’s mindreading performance is based on the premise that everything happens for a reason. And his argument is borne out by the demonstrations he offers.

He takes the audience on a journey using subliminal messaging, suggestion, illusion and psychology. Along the way he performs a series of mind-tricks which culminates in a finale, the outcome of which Cox has predicted long before the audience even took their seats.

The victim of a mugging in London, Cox’s life went through a remarkable transformation. No longer feeling safe within the confines of the city, he moved to more suburban surroundings

His life was changed – and that got him thinking. What if he had not stopped to chat with a friend on the night of the robbery? His walk down the street would have taken place a few important moments earlier. He would not have met his attackers – and his life would now be entirely different.

It was one, tiny act that had a huge consequence on his life. Yet, according to Cox, the momentary decisions that we take day in and day out are shaping our destiny.

He cleanly demonstrations how seemingly minor decisions taken by historical figures changed the course of the entire world, and that this decision-taking process takes place in the life of individuals.

From this simple basis Cox has produced a string of remarkable demonstration of how simple choices lead to an unexpected future. But more; he calculates how those changes can be calculated and predicted.

The audience is invited throughout the show to make a number of choices based on instinct and intuition. Yet Cox proves time and time again that these decisions were pre-determined.

And he does so using multi-media, flair, showmanship and a sprinkling of humour.

Despite the humour and Cox’s hi-energy level, the audience is left wondering what would have happened had his predictions been wrong. As Cox himself explains, the show would finish a few minutes early. Each individual would therefore be in a different place: at a different time. That two minutes would alter their destiny forever.

What at first appears to be a slightly chaotic, unscripted performance by a self-professed “geeky entertainer” slowly evolves into a remarkable presentation that leaves everybody open-mouthed in astonishment.

The audience left thoroughly entertained and dumbfounded, yet thoughtful. And ever so slightly scared.

This is a mesmerising performance that entertains and educates – mindreading with a message.


© Drew McAdam, August 2007




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