The Cornish Magical Society entertain Mylor Yacht Club “At Home”
Saturday 19th October 2013

Reviewed by Brian Adams – Rear Commodore, Mylor Yacht Club

On Saturday October 19 members of the Cornish Magical Society visited Mylor Yacht Club and provided a full evening of Magic and Mystery for the 50 Yacht Club Members fortunate enough to have bought tickets. With the doors opening at 19:00 the magic started at 19:30.

During the first hour of the evening the magic included cards, rope, rings, coins sponge balls and even lottery tickets as the 5 magicians spent 10 minutes at each table in turn. For many of the club members this was their first experience of close up magic and the appreciative comments, applause, laughter and often loud cheering showed just how much they were enjoying it.

Following a light meal, the audience moved from their tables to the stage area where they were treated to 45 minutes of cabaret magic by Paul Scott – immediate past president of the Cornish Magical Society. Adding his own touch to such classics of magic as the Professor’s Nightmare, the Chinese Linking Rings and the torn and restored cigarette paper, Paul’s presentational skills and humour shone through as he kept the audience fully engaged and indeed totally spellbound.

One of the highlights was his levitation of a member of the audience who didn’t quite believe what had happened to her on stage! Mylor Yacht Club members were all agreed that it had been a superb evening with many asking when it would be happening again.

The Cornish Magical Society is happy to arrange such evenings for other groups in the area. They are also looking to recruit both amateur and professional magicians living in Cornwall as new members. If you would like to know more about the Cornish Magical Society and its activities please contact their Secretary Paul Scott on 07747 122659.

© Brian Adams – Rear Commodore, Mylor Yacht Club. October 2013