Dynamo Live

The Brighton Centre

February 2016

Reviewed by Wayne Dobson

Some people do magic and some people are magic! Very few people have both of these qualities: Dynamo is one of the few!


I have always said the smaller the prop, the bigger the person. There were no big illusion boxes, no captain fantastic and no glamorous assistants, just a performer who is very pure, very true to himself, and very real with a great image the audience just loved him and everything he did, and rightly so! The content, the production, the lighting, the sound, the audio visuals, were all top class congratulations to all concerned!

They say (whoever they are?) the true critic is the one who buys the ticket! It was really nice to witness 3000 people leaving last night's show more than happy with what they had just purchased and it is nice to know that as long as Dynamo is around magic is in very safe hands!

It's very difficult to predict the future of magic, but as long as magicians such as Dynamo continue to push the boundaries, magic will not only survive, but will keep its head well and truly above water!


Wayne Dobson, February 2016