Egg, Sausage & Peas with Jonathan Royle.
Part of The 1st Annual Manchester Magic & Mentalism Festival

March 2012

Reviewed by Ben Hughes


Jonathan Royle smashes his hand down onto a polystyrene cup that could hide an upturned sharpened spike within. The absence of screaming, and the lack of blood, tell his audience that, thankfully, it doesn't - this time. But there are three more cups to go. Does he guess right?

You'll have to go along yourself to Jonathan's new show - oddly titled Eggs, Suasage and Peas - to find out.

And once you've sat through the numerous videos of the illusion going horribly wrong, you'll rather wish he does. If only to ensure you'll get at least one chance to see him in action again. I was not alone in the audience, I'm sure, in hoping he'd announce after the gory videos that he wasn't daft enough to perform the trick after all, and could anyone think of a card, any card? My heart has only just left my mouth and returned to itís rightful place in my chest.

This was just a taster preview of Jonathanís new mentalism show, held at one of my favorite pubs The Kings Arms in Salford. The full show will be revealed next month. After an opening half full of mysterious illusion, the second half of the show was a little darker with tales of his dead grandmother. I donít want to give too much of the show away, but if you get a chance to see it then I recommend you do. The man is unique.

I hope to see more from his amazing mind in the future. Canít wait for the full show in April.

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© Ben Hughes, March 2012