The Gasps and Giggles Show
Blackpool Tower 5th Floor

Saturdays and Sundays until September 5th 2021 at 2.30pm
Reviewed by Quentin Reynolds

As part of a lockdown project Michael Jordan and Darren Mac developed this fun family show. Ninety minutes (including a 15 minute interval) packed with magic, illusions, dancing and competitions, not to mention Andy Floss, the talkative puppet who lives in a box, the comedy part of the double act with Darren.

We first meet the show's two dancers, Emma Mullen and Shane Hurst, who produce Darren from a framed cabinet. After some warm-up gags, we meet Andy Floss who verbally spars with Darren as he performs the Hypno Wheel with some nice touches I hadnít seen before.

Shane performs the Upside Down floating box before producing Emma who for all her troubles ends up being squashed flat before being fully restored.

Back to Darren who runs a competition where a girl in the audience wins £5 with a Monte type routine with mugs and water.

Before the next competition run by Darren, Shane and Emma are back with a short dance. The competition involves six children on stage and provides lots of fun and laughs both for the children participating and the audience, especially when the first half ends with Darren getting a custard pie in the face.

A short dance opens the second half with the story of the Princess looking for a husband followed my Michael performing the Stretching illusion on Shane.

Darren continues with the most yellow Unequal Ropes Iíve seen before finishing the show with a sing song.

Andy Floss makes numerous appearances throughout the show and his banter with Darren are high spots with the children. I was surprised to discover that it was Michael operating Andy, as if he wasn't talented enough already!

Definitely a family show for everyone from grannies to grandchildren. Tickets are £8.50 (plus fee) and must be booked online in advance.

© Quentin Reynolds, August 2021