iMagician: Jamie Allan's One Man Show
Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre
Sunday 20th October 2013
Reviewed by Mike Danata

I packed up early from my Magic Stall at Wimborne Market on Sunday, so as I could get to the Pavilion Theatre in Bournemouth in time for Jamie Allan’s “iMagician” show. With car and driver on standby to get me there on time, bracing very heavy rain, we arrived with just ten minutes spare. The Stage was set with a large eye shaped screen, with images and text appearing on it, informing us that the sense of wonderment that we once experienced as a child, would disappear as we became older and more skeptical – until NOW!

The show started dead on time, with Jamie appearing on stage quite literally “Out Of The Light!”

Jamie introduced himself and the show, and using the eye shaped projection screen, performed a great card routine to the song “Shape Of My Heart” by Sting (with thanks to Russ Stevens). This got a great reaction from the audience, with applause throughout and elicited comments from people behind me, that I was to hear CONSTANTLY throughout the show, such as “How does he do that?” and “Wow!” ........... I felt that the sense of wonderment that was promised at the start had definitely returned!

Jamie has a great stage presence, lots of charm and charisma, and is very obviously passionate about magic, this very much comes across to his audience. Jamie has a respect for the past, and an excitement and enthusiasm for what the future may bring to his beloved art. It was interesting that in a previous magic show I had seen in Bournemouth (The Illusionists) that reference was also made to past masters of magic, complete with archive footage etc. I do feel that this makes a show much more interesting to a lay audience, who may not be aware of magic’s rich history.

iMagician was a perfect fusion of past and present. With glimpses into the future of “What might be”....... Hugely informative, enlightening, thought provoking and ultimately hugely entertaining. I don’t want to ruin the show for others, by listing everything that Jamie performed in the show, it would ruin the element of surprise. I will however mention some of the stand out items for me, which were:

Magic Elixir which was performed as a very emotionally presented tribute to Steve Jobs the founder of Apple (complete with Steve’s recorded voice in the background). Some may say “It was just a puzzle” (albeit a very magical one!) but Jamie’s presentation was both magical and uplifting, and much of the iMagician Show could not have been possible, if it were not for the visionary that was Steve Jobs, and this performance was a wonderful way of Jamie showing his respect and appreciation in a very public way. I found it very emotive, and moving ..... I also loved the Digital Art performed with the I Pads as seen on The One Show - The Laser Routine, and even his Cardtoon routine performed on the big screen, I never thought that a marketed effect, available in many Magic Shops, would play so big for an audience of several hundred people, but it did, and that was down to ONE MAN called Jamie Allan “I Magician” (to me the I stands for INCREDIBLE by the way!!).

To sum up the show: Original! – Entertaining! – Great Magic! Jamie Allan’s I Magician is a “Must See”.

© Mike Danata, October 2013