Influence – The Show. Roberto Forzoni
Belair House, Dulwich
March 2016
Reviewed by Kevin Bird AIMC

I recently revisited Belair House, Dulwich, and joined the 70-80 people who were downstairs enjoying the hospitality of the venue's bar, before mounting the stairs to one of the rooms on the first floor, where an intimate atmosphere had been created, in preparation for the evenings show which begins as soon as you enter the room.

I had seen the publicity photos, both on the internet and on the flyers, which showed the reactions of audience members who had been invited up to assist Psychological Magician Roberto Forzoni during previous shows, however, what these were unable to depict were the constant gasps and other disbelieving sounds coming from the audience throughout the show.

I have been to several shows where the performer has had difficulty in coercing spectators onto the stage and assist, however, Roberto’s relaxed and likeable persona, which also added a good deal of humour to the show, whilst maintaining a high degree of professionalism, literally had people queuing up to join him on the podium, and none of them would be disappointed.

It was immediately evident that the show appealed to a wide age group, who were to be enthralled, entertained and mesmerised for the next 80 minutes. In fact I counted over 30 of them were actually involved in the show, which was pacey, slick and seamless, the staging full of atmosphere which is the result of 12 months of honing the show at the venue, and this certainly showed.

Not wishing to spoil the show for those yet to see it, it would be unfair to go into details of the effects performed, however their variation, kept the audience on their toes throughout, and the comments from people as they left at the end of the evening were a true testimonial of the night, many people I chatted to had seen the show before and returned to be amazed yet again.

Although intimate, ‘Influence’ was performed in the cosy and comfortable aura fashioned in a stateroom of a Georgian mansion. It is not only ideally suited to a corporate event, but also could be transferred to a larger theatre, where many more would be able to enjoy this excellent show.

Influence, should be on all theatre goers ‘Must See’ list, and you will be missing out on something quite special if you don’t go along and see the show, if it appears at a venue near you. I would be more than happy to travel some distance to see the show again.

If you doubt me, look at the comments and the reactions of the people who Roberto has performed for over the past year or so, and who have been literally ‘blown away’ by what they have witnessed – a picture paints a thousand words …

Congratulations to everyone involved in the show, and wishing you every success in the future.


© Kevin Bird AIMC, April 2016