Stars of Magic 2008


Reported by Lee Alex

"Stars of Magic 2008" has now finished its very successful run. For the past few weeks Istanbul has been buzzing with a great deal of magic in the air - the publicity that this production received from the media was amazing and everyone was anticipating the arrival of the stars to the city. Jeff McBride and Kevin James from Las Vegas, Erix Logan from Italy, Aaron Crow from Belgium and Lee Alex from London, who is celebrating his 25th anniversary as a professional magician on stage.

The event started with Turkish magicians attending a two day Secret Session Master Class from Jeff McBride. Most of the participants are contestants in the new "Fenomen" programme here, hosted by Uri Geller. Jeff informed me that the winner of the Dutch version had also been a student of Jeff's; we are hoping that we will be able to claim the same thing in Turkey. After two episodes of the programme, the claim still holds true!

Kevin James and Antonio Hoyos proved extremely popular at the same time by making appearances at a shopping centre and the same night on a late night chat show.

The first show was attended by press, celebrities and well-known business people. The atmosphere was great and the show extremely well received which helped sales for the following nights. Jeff McBride and Lee Alex attended a school for orphans during the daytime on Thursday presenting small shows and then being bombarded by 150 children whilst distributing effects supplied by Murphy's Magic in the USA. The following day Kevin James, Erix Logan and Lee Alex attended a smaller event for children with kidney illnesses. These children were far more relaxed, but equally excited and were the proud recipients of the classic "Egg and Ball Vase" (once again supplied by Murphy's Magic).

The shows continued (seven shows over five days) with huge success and faultless performances. It seemed that every magician in Turkey had also made the effort to come and watch the shows with great anticipation - in fact I did not realise that there were so many magicians in Turkey! Children and adults alike flocked in the foyer after the shows to receive autographs and have their pictures taken with all the stars.

The whole event was produced and organised by Tamer Kurter of Magic Concept Entertainment. It has taken over two years of discussions and planning to get the five artists together in the same venue at the same time due to everyone's busy schedules. The results have been superb with an extremely happy audience and equally contented artists. Jeff and I are already discussing plans for "Stars of Magic 2009" where we plan to combine shows for the public with events for magicians from all over the world, including Master Class, competitions and lectures.

Interest has been shown in next year's event already with emails from performers in Australia, America and France wanting to take part in the events. "Stars of Magic Istanbul" promises to grow year by year as the seeds were planted with great success in 2008.

Photo: The artists along with producer Tamer Kurter from Magic Concept Entertainment.


Lee Alex, May 2008