Jack Delvin's one-man show: Delving into Magic
The King's Head Theatre, Islington, London

Sunday September 11th 2005
Reviewed by Nick Fitzherbert

It is always refreshing to sit amongst a lay audience when watching a magic show and particularly so when it s Jack Delvin because they love him!

A complete mix of age groups was attracted to the King's Head Theatre in London's Islington on the Sunday evening of September 11, each person intrigued no doubt by Jack's publicity claims to have been performing magic in the style of Derren Brown and David Blaine since long before they were even born.

Jack more than lived up to the billing, with a wide range of tricks, effects and illusions, most of which combined a familiar feel with an original twist, all laced with an engaging sense of humour. He even manages to make Chinese Linking Rings fun to watch! He fumbles and stumbles a bit between tricks and one mind reading effect failed, but somehow it all adds to the show rather that detracts. He had, after all, introduced himself as the most laid back magician in the business and stated his intention as making friends with every member of the audience.

Having sent us off for an interval drink with a series of mind reading feats that ranged from amusing to truly mystifying, Jack returned with the promised David Blaine-style street magic. Suitably dressed for the role in track suit and baseball cap, he performed a chop cup routine before being manacled and then escaping in double-quick time from both the chains and the dodgy suit.

An extended finale was based around the Delvin act-as-known, with two of the younger audience members taken through a series of highly entertaining levitation, sawing through and guillotine effects.

It was all a joy to watch, but especially satisfying to study the sheer sense of delight on the faces of the audience, many of whom stayed behind at the end to talk magic with Jack. The show is called Delving into Magic and that's just what it does. I spotted one other magician, an eminent mind reader, who commented "It's like a complete overview of everything in magic, there's no one else doing that." Of course there are people who could do that, but Jack actually goes out and does it. An inspiration to us all.

Nick Fitzherbert, September 2005