John Lenahan live on the Ventura cruise ship

June 2010

Reviewed by Jack Stephens

The Ventura cruise ship, pride of the P&O fleet, is huge, taking 3574 passengers and 1226 crew.

Amongst these 4800 "sailors" , cruising in the Norwegian Fjords, was comedy magician John Lenahan, strutting his stuff. He made 3 appearances in the Arena, a full size theatre, and 2 appearances in the Tamarind, a cabaret lounge.

John is well know for his offbeat comedy magic presentations. In the shows he featured six card repeat, growing head illusion, lassoo card, the bandana lesson in magic, book test, mental card prediction, cards across, paper hat tear, bar code gag, and much more. All standard magician's material but injected with John's unique blend of comedy. Oh, not forgetting his repeat banana productions, which became a running gag throughout all his performances on board.

A lot of jokes, one liners and anecdotes (and some good magic of course) all mixed together made for some excellent entertainment.

Jack Stephens, June 2010