Mark Worgan's Klub Magic at the Komedia, Brighton
2nd February 2004
Reviewed by Martin Breese

Mark Worgan's regular first-Monday-of-the-month magical event at the Komedia is gathering steam and was virtually packed out at this show. Close-up performers roamed the tables but I didn't get a chance to see them or note their names but from the laughter they were clearly doing a good job.

Mark Worgan opened the with a couple of comedy gags and compered the evening. Keith Fields followed with his highly professional magical comedy act which was a little bit risqué but thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. His opener with a production of a bowl of fish from a folding wallet shopping bag was a stunner that left me completely fooled. He kept his act moving with gags and bits and pieces interspersed with some excellent magic.

Marc Paul was taking a break from some of his many television appearances. He uses mentalism effects presented in his own way with many twists and turns. He has a wonderful stage presence and his act was baffling and well produced. He looked the part of the mind reader and completely convinced his audience that that was what he could do. Highly entertaining. I look forward to seeing him again.

Tensai and his attractive assistant presented a well-polished and well-rehearsed act that could play in any venue. He opened by addressing the audience in Japanese and halfway through explained that he was half Japanese and half English and presented the rest of the show in English. I thought that he had flown in direct from Japan up to then! His handling of props and selection of material was excellent and his illusions baffled the entire audience which gave him a standing ovation.

Congratulations to Mark Worgan on these excellent magic evenings which are well worth the trip to Brighton for anyone interested in being entertained with the best of magic and comedy.


Klub Magic at The Komedia Theatre


© Martin Breese, February 2004