Mark Worgan's Klub Magic at the Komedia, Brighton
9th May 2004
Reviewed by Martin Breese

Mark Worgan has done it again. Klub Magic, Komedia Theatre, Brighton, Sunday 9th May. The show was sold out to a packed audience. Fay Presto opened the show with an hour-long cabaret packed with her unique brand of magic. The highlight of her performance for me was her wonderful presentation of her version of the Gypsy Thread. She wove into the effect a story about her life and times and it was very moving indeed.

The next act was brief and to the point and absolutely stunning: Duncan Trillo. He looked immaculate and the audience of layman applauded virtually every appearance of a card at his fingertips during his manipulative act. It was one of the best manipulative acts I have ever seen. Any young magician wanting to learn to perform in any branch of magic should travel as many miles as it takes to see Duncan Trillo's award winning magic. Stunning.

The final act of the evening was Safire and that was excellent as well. The beautiful assistant and partner wove their own brand of magic with fast and well performed illusions and ended as they should with the best their presentation of the sub trunk but performed with a clear crystal chest. To me this seemed as fast as the legendary Pendragon's version. A great act and a perfect end to a wonderful evening.

Mark Worgan is a skilled magician and compere and provided brief comedy magic interludes between the three acts. He is a wonderful organiser of magic. I can't wait for the next show, which will be Monday 7th June and celebrates a years run. It then will be rested until September.


Klub Magic at The Komedia Theatre


Martin Breese, May 2004