Mark Worgan's Klub Magic at the Komedia, Brighton
Wednesday 12th January 2005
Reviewed by Jason George

Compere Mark Worgan opened the show with a welcoming personality and a baffling prediction. He gave away free tickets as prizes for next month's Klub Magic, thus setting the scene for the first act Loki: Comedy Mind Reading.

Loki was introducing a new act reminiscent of Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge, and poked gentle fun at Derren Brown. Loki successfully predicted who would select a silver stone amongst a bag of coloured stones. The 5 volunteers wore post-it notes for name tags and prizes given out were taken back at the end. Surreal maybe, but undoubtedly funny. This act has certainly had a lot of thought.

After a lengthy interval Worgan introduced Wacky juggler Nathan Zorchak. Olandos loss is our gain. Customised feats of juggling thrown against sharp off-beat humour made a pleasant break in the magic. However swallowing a fully blown modelling balloon was very impressive.

Our host then proceeded with comedy carrot producing and a funny story about a rabbit. This kept our attention whilst the stage was set for our final act, Martyn James and Co.

This was the act I enjoyed most. Some great large illusions including Assistants Revenge and an amusing Topsy Turvy Girl. James was assisted by two girls and successfully elevated the show with a relaxed, mischievous school boy humour that had depth and vulnerability. It was the acts second visit and judging by audience response they are sure to return.

The two and a half hours had flown by. The show was of a high standard and very good value for money. If variety has been killed, Klub Magic has had a lucky escape, and long may it last.


Klub Magic at The Komedia Theatre


Jason George, January 2005