Mark Worgan's Klub Magic at the Komedia, Brighton
Wednesday 9th February 2005
Reviewed by Martin Breese

Mark Worgan has an uncanny skill at providing very well balanced evenings of magic at this lovely theatre venue here in Brighton. The Komedia features a stage setting with tables scattered around the room and a large bar and excellent waiter service. Before the main show commences close up performers move from table to table to entertain and provide an excellent warm-up for the main show. Close uppers last night were Andrew Jeffrey and Steve Pratt and, judging from the screams of amazement and the loud applause, they were doing an excellent job.

The show opened as usual with some comedy gags from Mark Worgan and some mystery as well. How he did it I do not know but a signed card actually ended up sealed in a can of beans! That got me thinking and the audience laughing and completely baffled.

Keith Cooper and Carol were the first act and, not having not seen them before, I wondered if they would live up to their excellent reputation. The act was polished and faultless. Keith performed one of the best cut and restored ropes I have seen for years. Carol was a wonderful assistant. Beautiful but not distracting and completely integrated into the act. The highlight of their set for me was a polished presentation of Carol’s escape from an examined and padlocked mailbag. If I hadn’t read the method in a book many years ago I would have been as baffled and astounded as the audience. Not content with escaping from the bag, Carol emerged having completely changed her costume. A great act and completely professional in every way.

Next on was Roy Davenport. He caught coins from the air and poured them down a coin ladder, he linked rings in a fiery and powerful routine, which combined Spanish music and dance. Absolutely amazing! And then he closed the act with the most powerful floating ball routine I have ever seen. Joe Karson, the creator of Zombie, would have been proud to have seen it. Roy combined mime and dance together with the floating ball. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that that Roy was using something as heavy as a cannon ball that seemed to have a life of its own. I am constantly reading of Roy’s success with international competition prizes and does he deserve them! He certainly does and the audience rose from their chairs to applaud Roy’s super and breath-taking performance.

How could Alan Shaxon, President of the Magic Circle follow all of this display of extreme talent? He would have needed to have emulated the charm and manner of David Devant and the warmth and of Robert Harbin. And this he did! He charmed the audience with magic and mystery the moment he stepped on to the platform. It was all there. Aerial fishing virtually close up. Baffling effects with silks and glasses, card routines and on to his classic hydrostatic glass. Sophisticated, charming and another truly professional performance that made me happy to be part of the magical community.

This show was memorable and hearing the audience’s remarks as they left the club I was not the only one with this opinion. Congratulations to all involved and a salute to Mark for putting it together. This is a long review but this evening of magic demands it.


Klub Magic at The Komedia Theatre


© Martin Breese, February 2005