Klub Magic at he Komedia, Brighton
December 7th 2005
Reviewed by Nick Ralls

Klub Magic in Brighton just got even better.

Mark Worgan returned in December to the Komedia serving up some tasty offerings to make for a delicious magical feast of entertainment that left a packed audience spellbound all evening.

There was no getting away from the fact that here was entertainment with a capital E with comedy competing heavily against pure magic for an evening of pure delight.

Mark once again held the audience with his own simple but highly comic routines that appeal to all ages. Here is a great stage man who knows that presentation holds the key to success in great performing and many an old routine takes on a new life with his own Mark Worgan touch. Here too is an entertainer who knows how to have the audience eating out of the palms of his hands. A big personality. Whether it was the disappearance of a beer bottle, holding the key to opening the lock guarding a ten pound note or the marvel of the vanishing bandana Mark produced something original and totally captivating every time.

It is an awesome experience in itself watching him at work.

Comedy success scored again with Noel Britten whose act seems to be getting funnier and funnier with each performance. Laugh a moment Noel is a man with a fresh approach to club comedy and an engaging warm personality which endears himself to the audience for every moment of his highly entertaining act.

Noel brought in a magic touch with a comic escapology routine which merely served to enhance an already highly entertaining and very funny performance. His ability to ad lib and to produce really strong original material left a very memorable impression in the minds of the audience at a time when so much comedy has a sameness about it.

Noel knew how to hit the mark with his off the wall quick running routine that will surely see him climb even higher and higher as a first class comedy performer. In his act, the magic is now merely an extra – the impact is now the man himself. A great comedy character. Some great gags that you haven't heard before. And a presentation that you have not seen before. Why isn’t this man a TV name? Time will tell.

It was wonderful that Mark brought one of the masters of magic to his show – the very impressive John Derris. Here we saw a man with an act as entertainingly dazzling as his shiny sequined jacket.

An act easily at home in the night clubs of Las Vegas, John produced slick, smooth running patter combined with simple magic effects that become simply miraculous in his very unique and highly capable magical hands.

His experience shines through as he makes a new magic language out of the linking rings, the folding mirror and his production of a real large goldfish bowl complete with swimming goldfish from his briefcase is one of those effects that makes the hairs stand up on your neck. The real Blackstone touch.

Even some of the jokes – as old as the hills- take on new life in the hands of the master. Rare to see such showmanship with such individuality.

Mention must be made here of the performance of close up guy Andrew Jeffrey who normally works the tables along with Stevie Pratt, the man with the hat, at the Klub nights. Now centre stage, Andrew, with his familiar rabbit protruding from his breast pocket, proved himself every bit the fine and articulate performer he is when close up.

His charming personality drew a great response as he mystified the punters with his chair prediction and ESP card match routines which were as baffling and original as their presentation was immaculate. Let’s have this man back in cabaret!

Still doing the close up was Stevie whose larger than life and energetic personality delights those at the tables. A table hopper with great personality and a great choice for a great show.

The finale went to the wonderful Tensai. In Japan the word Tensai means genius and this is an apt description for an act that is purely awesome.

The magestic Alan and Caroline Vandome enchanted the audience with their colourful and delightful illusions performed in beautiful costumes with fantastic stage presence. Highlight must have been Caroline’s graceful levitation that had the audience staring in complete wonder because there appeared to be no way she could be propelled mid air. This aspect of their performance had a distinct spiritual and mystical atmosphere around it. To be remembered!

Other illusions including their superb but highly original rendition of metamorphosis were equally enchanting and intriguing.

And when Alan chatted to the audience in his Cockney tones – called Japney because of his Japanese mother and Cockney dad – we had East truly meeting West with his engaging personality which combined warm and confident patter with highly visual magical effects.

The Oriental influence to the act with colourful production of streamers and flags made this a spectacular finishing act to a spectacular show in every way.

Once again, host Mark Worgan has produced a magical masterpiece and with such acclaimed performers, a truly delighted audience and a full house it must mean many more great shows for 2006. Mark himself can rest assured that Klub Magic in 2005 has been a continuing success story.

Long may it continue.   

© Nick Ralls, December 2005




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