Mind Messer Kockov at The Glee Club, Cardiff

March 30th 2011

Reviewed by Tony Middleton

Jasper Blakeley as ĎKockoví had the audience roaring with laughter in his new show at The Glee Club, Cardiff. Performing as a Russian mentalist, his blend of outrageous humour and mindreading left everyone in hysterics.

The show featured a number of original, new routines including Russian Roulette with food blenders, the prediction of an audience memberís pin number, and the prediction of items placed in a spectatorís jacket. Perhaps the most deceptive and entertaining effect of the evening involved the prediction of a number randomly generated by two darts thrown at a dart board.


Magic aside, Kockovís hilarious handling of volunteers, quick adlibs and ability to tease and entertain an audience make his show well worth watching. For a first night of all new material, this was bold, brave and full of energy. As with all performance, improvements can be made, joins can be tightened and scripts can be sharpened, but Kockov has certainly found a niche for his act. Judging by audience reaction, everyone had a great night.


The Glee Club is a stylish venue and great for magic. It was refreshing to see a packed audience on a Wednesday night, and no doubt Jasper will be considering touring his show to other comedy clubs in the UK. This performer has landed on his feet, and surely this is a sign of a promising future.


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