Love and Other Magic Tricks
Reviewed by Chris Cox

John Van der Put is more likely to be known to you as is fantastic alter ego Piff The Magic Dragon, but in Love and Other Magic Tricks we are shown another side of this performers imagination.

Part play, part magic show it is a true fringe theatrical experience and one that puts the joy back into magic.

Loosely telling the tale of a relationship, Van der Put and Maya Politaki playing his girlfriend take us through their tale with poetic dialogue, beautiful silent sequences and hidden magical effects that bring a smile to ones face.

The beauty of the show lies in its simplicity and its desire to have magic as part of the production rather than obvious trick moments. It's so nice so sit as an audience member and be surprised as a trick suddenly appears and then not feel the need to have to applaud it.

Imaginative reworkings of classic effects include a truly heart warming torn and restored card, a lovers appearance of sponge balls, a Morecambe & Wise esq breakfast scene and a grand illusion done in the most simple yet effective way... It's all the better for it.

Strong direction means it never lacks pace and keeps you utterly engrossed throughout. This isn't your usual magic show but instead a show that reminds us how magic should be part of our everyday lives and that love might well be the most illusive trick around.

Chris Cox, February 2010