Mother Goose
December 2008
Reviewed by Freddie Wilkinson

Yeah another Panto review! “Oh no it isn’t” “Oh yes it is” Hang on I used that in the other review, not to worry as it just wouldn’t be Panto without the same old jokes year after year would it?

As they say all good things come in pairs. Do they? Yes, and the 2008 festive season was certainly no exception, especially when it came to top notch Panto's. This the second of the Panto's I managed to get along to see was different to the first in that it was a touring version.

Again the main reason for going along to see the Pocket Panto’s production of Mother Goose at the Holy Trinity School, Wakefield was to see magic. This time from the vocal illusion act Vizage a.k.a Sam and Vicki Lane.

I have got to be honest, I did sit in the audience a tiny bit apprehensive as what to expect. After all this was a show that was working 2 different venues a day, 7 days a week throughout December and most of January and only had a cast of 3!!!

I need not have worried though as the 3 handed production was excellent, in fact I’m still a bit shocked as to just how good it was. From the opening number from Vicki as the Fairy, right through to the sing-a-long at that end it really had you hooked. Add to that bucket loads of family fun and you had a show big enough to fill the largest theatres in the country.

Magic on offer was mainly in the form of Vizage’s excellent and well known quick change act, although all of the costumes had been custom made for this production to fit in with the story line.

Talking of changes they must have been shattered with the constant costume rotation during the show, Sam played Silly Billy and the villain, Vicki played the Fairy and Billy’s girlfriend, and Jeremy Stroughair’s Mother Goose must have changed 5 or 6 times into ever more glamorous outfits - Amy Winehouse was just brilliant as was he as Dame!

I would love to say go see it but alas I think the final date has just passed which is a real shame.

For more details on when and where Vizage will be performing next, visit their website

© Freddie Wilkinson, January 2009