An Evening of Magic and Illusion

Sunday 14th September 2008

Reported by D May

Once again the Nottingham Guild of Magicians presented an excellent Evening of Magic and Illusion at the Bonington Theatre, Arnold on the 14th September. I was asked as a lay person if I would like to report on the show.

The compere for the evening, Graham Harper quickly warmed up the audience with his 'Remote Control' and kept us thoroughly entertained between acts with his magic and jokes.

To open were a young brother and sister team 'High Jinx', who worked very well together, were highly amusing and finished with a 'Houdini' inspired escape from strait-jackets in time to music that was absolutely brilliant.

Then to follow, with boundless energy was Roy Davenport who performed a Floating Ball and Linking Rings routine that was fast, furious and spectacular and the audience felt as drained as he must have been at the end of this amazing performance.

After this came the mesmerising rapid wit and brain teasing of Mr Graham P. Jolley. The audience (even the ones who consented to participate) were in stitches whilst being enthralled by the cleverness of this Mind Magician.

We then had 25 minutes to catch our breath and wonder how the second half could compare and keep up with the first but, we were not to be disappointed as a blast from the past with a great coin in bucket routine, Patrick Page was excellent and hilarious, and for any younger magicians watching, a lesson in stage presence and timing. He finished with a comedy card trick, shuffling a jumbo card in an ordinary size pack that had the audience holding their sides with laughter.

To end the show, who better than Andrew Van Buren and his glamorous assistants. Their costumes and illusions including the Beer barrels were fantastic, and to finish the show he brought back 'Variety' with his plate spinning act which had the audience on the edge of their seats and gasping with amazement.

The work that goes into putting a show like this together must be phenomenal, so all credit to the organisers Freddie Wilkinson and Andrew Morrison for an outstanding evening of entertainment. Also for the excellent smooth running of the show, well deserved credit to the Stage Manager Andrew Morrison and his crew Roy Bond and Graham Colvan.

I am looking forward with anticipation to their next show on Sunday 1st February 2009.

D May, September 2008