One Man and his Magic - Jack Delvin
15th September 2000
Reviewed by Mandy Davis

Jack Delvin's one man show lasted two and a half hours and was the culmination of 50 years of magic. His wonderful laid back style and charismatic voice lulled the mostly non-magical audience into a sense of well being as trick after trick was performed for their entertainment. And, it was truly entertaining!

Starting at the age of five, Jack took us on a journey through every trick that had inspired him and every act that he had built. From the miniature bottle that won't lie down to the Demon Wonderbox productions, Jack infused each one with the unique marque of the English gentleman that he is.

Anecdotes peppered the show - stories of his days in the RAF which lead to his meeting with Bernard and Jack Hughes; his time behind the counter at Ellesdons and his brush with Sorcar. Jack has seen them all - yet his personality remains his own.

The show also included some tricks from his kids' act for Jack is a very successful children's entertainer. His cheeky ventriloquist doll, Johnny Sunshine, is an absolute gem as it evokes the past and yet is still relevant today.

We saw some of Jack's own inventions & routines, too, many of which have been explained in full in his lectures. My favourite, however, has to be 'Escape from a Zimmer Frame/Walker' which he first performed at the Magic Circle on his 65th birthday along with Six Bus Pass Repeat - you just have to see them!

Finally, we were treated to his current cabaret act. This encompassed 'Cards to Pocket', Diminishing Cards, a vanished and restored ring routine, a Chair Suspension, Sawing in Half, Linking Rings and a Guillotine.

The audience left the theatre convinced that they had witnessed a show of miracles and sheer entertainment. And that is what it's all about.

Well done, Jack!

Mandy Davis, September 2000