An Audience with Paul Daniels

At The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2003

August 2003

Reviewed by Tony Walker

St. Cuts in Edinburgh is a new venue for the Edinburgh Fringe. An old church, within an old graveyard, on Lothian Road, just a stone throw or a wave of a magic wand from Princes Street.

An audience with Paul Daniels is showing as well as a further show later in the evening on the "Magic of Max Malini." If the truth be known he (Mr Daniels) got me interested in magic in the first place. I have a couple of old tapes in the house and my five children think he is superb.

I actually have to admire Paul. On the Sunday afternoon he took part in the Festival Cavalcade waving and cheering from a large hat on the back of a lorry with Debbie and then strolling through the crowd and getting right into the spirit of things.

To the performance itself the show started with Mr Daniels wearing casual gear. Black coat and black trousers and trainers. For the next 45 minutes he laughed and joked with the audience and to his surprise was asked to sing, by a member of the audience, and he duly obliged. I couldn't believe how vibrant he was and he appeared to be enjoying himself immensely answering question after question. The second half of the show was dedicated to his signature routines namely his Chop Cup routine, Signed Card in Wallet, Electric Chairs and Note in Nut in Egg in Lemon. Chase the Lady, Boomerang Bands and a levitation from a cardboard box had been used in the first half during the question and answer session.

I have to say I thought the show was excellent as did my kids. I wanted to go to see the Malini show but I was on nightshift and had to leave but I will go and see this before the end of the Fringe.

All in all a first-class show and well worth the money. If you are in Edinburgh get along and watch the show. The video he sells on his website is selling at half price at the venue. I got mine there!

Show commences at 8pm with the Malini show straight after.

If Mr Daniels reads this review maybe he can give me an extra discount on his Magic Course which I have been tempted to buy but cannot afford. Oh well worth a try. Just have to speak nicely to my wife as it is my fortieth Birthday in November... fat chance.

Anyway, keep up the good work Paul...

Tony Walker, August 2003