Paul Stockman

Live at the Calne Town Hall, Wiltshire
23rd June 2011

Reviewed by Jack Stephens


Which entertainer can predict the future, know the past and influence the present?

Why, Paul Stockman of course.

The respected Stage newspaper recently said of Paul, “The percentage game and a degree of cold reading, combined with some good ideas, are part and parcel of Stockman’s highly entertaining act.”

As part of the Calne Carnival Week, Paul Stockman appeared in the Town Hall with his show of psychological mind reading. From the start, Paul made it clear that no hypnosis would be used, and to the delight and comfort of many in the audience he repeatedly stated that no one would be embarrassed or made to feel uncomfortable. (So many spectators watch a magic show in fear that “I am going to be chosen and made to look a fool.”)

Psychology, thought suggestion, misdirection and intuition are all used to create an air of excitement and anticipation.

The show was in two halves, the first being light with a touch of light comedy even. The second half was little darker, but in both halves he astounded the audience with his psychic abilities.

We magicians know better of course, but the paying public will be left wandering if they have witnessed a demonstration in pure mind control and reading.

Check out Paul’s touring dates on and try see him live. You will be most impressed.

© Jack Stephens, July 2011