Pete Firman Trik Tok
Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells

23rd February 2024
Reviewed by Alan Stockwell


There are several magicians who tour with a one-man show to theatres including Ali Cook, Ben Hart, John Archer, Morgan & West (ok a two-man show) and Pete Firman. I believe Geoffrey Durham was one of the earliest in recent years. I am sure there are others, but these are ones I have seen myself and all are on the top of their game.

I think magicians will be especially interested in seeing Pete Firmanís latest show Trik Tok which I saw at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells on 23 February because most of his show comprises classics of magic. He opens with colour change hanky in the fist and in no particular order (because I cannot remember!) we had linking rings with a set of four, egg bag, card in wallet using comedy handcuffs, thrown-out deck, Russian Roulette with staplers, cups and balls and finding a borrowed ring in a lemon/egg/walnut.

The only trick that he performed like a proper card-man was a four aces assembly shown via an overhead camera and screen. Clean as a whistle. Another straight item was the wooden square puzzle comprising several pieces which can be arranged using all the pieces or with two pieces missing occupying the same area. This is a genuine puzzle and must have a mathematical explanation.

Otherwise the show is for the most part hilarious involving audience members onstage. If he does not get the response he wants Firman shouts "Aw, come on!" and we came on. He is ebullient without let-up and a bit too shouty for my taste. My favourite part was his two-cup version of cups and balls in the guise of a street performer. Gazzo would be impressed.

Highly recommended.


© Alan Stockwell, March 2024