Seaside Special, Cromer Pier

Summer 2013

Reviewed by Jimmy Carlo

I was lucky enough to catch the Seaside Special Show on their last week of performances. If you didn’t see this show you missed a great traditional end of the pier extravaganza.

Headlined by International Award Winning Magician Dain Cordean and ably assisted by the rest of the performers. David Jon O’Neil, a great vocalist from Australia. Danny Posthill, a very good comedy impressionist. Jo Little, 4ft 10ins of pure comedy vocals. And 5 superb dancers.

The show started as most do with the whole company doing a song and dance number “Summer Sunshine”. Then top of the bill Dain Cordean in his immaculate style welcomed the audience and made everyone at ease with his easygoing style of magic and comedy. He did the best torn and restored newspaper I’ve seen, and had the crowd gasping and clapping. He then introduced David Jon O’Neil who sang a great collections of songs from Lionel Richie to Paul Simon. He even came off stage to accompany himself on piano singing a great version of Over the Rainbow.

Next on was comedy impressionist Danny Posthill. A young guy with a big talent, going through impressions such as Billy Connelly, John Bishop, David Beckham, Gary Barlow, Joe Pasquale, Frank Carson, etc.

Strictly Ballet came next with 5 great dancers, Susannah Owen, Helen Gulston, Billie-Leigh Roberts, Michael McWilliam and Shane Seal.

A comedy routine with Dain, Danny, David, and Jo had the audience in stitches. Jo Little was up next. Little Miss Dynamite. She reminded me of a young Leah Belle. 4ft 10inches of pure comedy entertainment with a great singing voice; telling jokes and finishing off with her own interpretation of I dreamed a dream.

The second half again started with the company doing a song and dance number. Followed by Accent on Comedy with Danny Posthill. Top of the bill Dain Cordean was back performing a lovely see through Sawing the Lady in half Illusion with a style that would grace any Las Vegas Showroom. The SSS Dancers were up next doing a dance to telephone ringtones, very imaginable. Jo Little “Little Miss Dynamite” was back for her second spot; more songs this time with Top of the World, You’re my World, and a comedy version of That’s What Friends Are For, accompanied by Danny Posthill and Dain Cordean.

Dain Cordean was up next showing his versatility telling jokes. He had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand and going into comedy mind reading, ending up as Elvis Presley. He then finished off with a lovely pole levitation.

The show ended with the whole company and audience singing Abba Songs.


A great family show.

© Jimmy Carlo - International Comedy Magician, October 2013