Spooky Night of Illusion

31st October 2009

Reported by Zyg Jarzembowski


The show started around 8pm Saturday as there was a slight delay with engineering works at the local underground station Aldgate East but the audience were not upset, as with the tickets came free mulled wine and spooky snacks and as a consequence we got through 10 litres of mulled wine, which put everybody in the correct ‘spirit’ for the entertainment.

Ed Francis opened with a repertoire of ‘sleights’ and included a number of ‘mentalist’ tricks including memorizing specific words on any given page of a novel.

Josh Maddocks followed with his clever card sleights and much audience participation.

At the interval it became obvious that the audience were very much into the spirit of the night fuelled on mulled wine and as a result the second half had a lot of giggling audience participation.

The Zeppelin Shelter had encouraged participants to dress for Halloween and presented awards to the Best dressed Male and Female as well as the obligatory free prize draw all of which kept the momentum of the evening up.

Joe Stone opened with numerous card sleights and ended with his ‘I predict I will be one out’ audience participation mentalist/conjuring trick to wild applause.

Russell Levinson (photo) finished the show with a number of conjuring sleights, his now famous ’imaginary card’ routine, which practically involved all of the 60 paying audience and finally a ‘magic thread’ rather than magic string that got a massive ovation.

Although the show finished around 11pm the audience were encouraged to stay and dance the night away until the early hours.

All in all, no doubt there were several hangovers the next day.

Next event: Free 1st Tuesday, which is every 1st Tuesday of the month, followed by a ‘Christmas Party Special’ on Saturday 12th December.


© Zyg Jarzembowski, November 2009




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