Summer Magic

Winter Gardens, Margate

September 2009
Reported by Mandy Davis

On a sunny summer's day (yes, there was one!) we had a fun time on the South East coast of the UK in the resort of Margate.

The reason we went was to support a close friend and President of our magic club - Watford Association of Magicians. His name is Terry Seabrooke - maybe you've heard of him?!!

Terry has been appearing in Summer Magic at the Winter Gardens, Margate three days per week (matinee and evening performances) since mid July and will be there for another two weeks. An almost typical seaside event, the show comprises some excellent dance numbers with several costume changes in each medley. The costumes themselves were worthy of a West End production and the the dancers were well choreographed.

As well as Seabrooke, the comedy was also supplied by the Simmons Brothers. They used lots of old but reliable gags and their final set included a magic cabinet into which one brother was forced. Several swords penetrated the box but none of the blade ends corresponded with the hilts which had the audience in stitches.

Terry, himself, told us that he was feeling lost in the show as he was not allowed to use any volunteers from the audience. However, his discomfort was not evident in any way and in a tight fifteen minutes, he acquitted himself admirably, performing his dove production, bar code gag, torn and restored newspaper and pop-eyed pips. That man never fails!


Mandy Davis, September 2000