Top Secret - The Magic of Science

Viva Blackpool

16th August 2023
Reviewed by Philip Partridge

Iíve always wondered how to include an educational component in my magic shows. I have a science background, but have never made the effort to perform a science show, so was curious to see how British Ring IBM Council member Professor (!) Danny Hunt and his partner Science Steph do it. Well, with aplomb, of course. This show has been running for over eight years in different formats and Danny tells me they strive to change the content when they revisit theatres.

Even though Michael Jordan (British Ring Gala Show, September 2023) is performing at the Blackpool Circus, he still made an appearance with a very catchy voiceover! Is it Magic Ö or is it Science Ö? was the theme running throughout the show and the double act, of Danny & Steph worked really well with lots of audience participation which involved one "adult human" being used consistently, but with great good humour, throughout the two halves.

I like my comedy, so a clown gag involving plates was my favourite bit. My partner Steve, who is a non-magician, was really impressed with a child being levitated with no visible means of support once the two supporting helium balloons were cut with scissors.

This is a great family show which is both educational and entertaining, and I encourage you to support it if it is in your area.

© Philip Partridge, August 2023