Two Men Without Assistance
Thwaites Theatre, Blackburn
November 2015
Reviewed by Donald Monk

This is the first time Iíve ever done this. Iím actually doing a review of a magic show...

I was invited to witness a magic show at Thwaites Theatre in Blackburn which was being filmed for a promo tape. The title of the show was ĎTwo Men Without Assistanceí.

The two men in question were Frankie Rogers and Stephen DíAllanson, two guys that Iíd never heard of.

I donít usually like to comment on magic performers as I find itís sometimes difficult to be honest without being cruel to the performers (Iíve been in their position you know). In this case though, I have no qualms in saying what I think Ďcause the show was brilliant!

Here was a presentation that was flawless from start to finish ... The magic: great stuff, from illusions to card tricks and everything in between. The music: really well thought out, not detracting and suitable throughout. The lighting: special lighting effects on cue. The choreography: by that I donít mean dancing, I mean the rapport and interaction between the two magicians and, most of all, the comedy, which had the audience in stitches was so well planned out and rehearsed.

I would encourage anyone who reads this to go, take yer granny and yer kids, and really enjoy this great family entertainment.

I must warn any other magicians out there that the show is so good that after seeing it you may decide to give up magic and take up knitting... you have been warned!

If you want to take the risk, and seriously I recommend that you do, itís next on at the Thwaites Empire Theatre in Blackburn on Saturday, 9th January at 7.30pm. Tickets are £12.00 & £10.00 tel.01254 685500

Iíll see you there - yup, Iíll be there again - itís definitely worth another watch!

© Donald Monk - The Modern Mystic League, December 2015