Vizage in Blackpool

Blackpool, 23rd February 2006
Reviewed by Freddie Wilkinson

Firstly don’t panic this isn’t another run down of what was ‘Hot’ and what was ‘Not’ at this years Blackpool Magic Convention. Instead I thought I would review a variety show that took place the night before the ‘Big One’ on Thursday 23rd February 2006 at the Grand Metropole Hotel, Blackpool. For those that know Blackpool it’s the lovely red brick Victorian building just past the North Pier, facing out to sea.

Following a 7-hour Nottingham to Blackpool bus trip (yes it was as bad as it sounds) we headed off to what would prove to be one of the best free nights out I have had in years.

The show featured a resident comedian and a keyboard player, bingo and dancing. Oh did I mention that the audience had an average age of about 80? My girlfriend and I did stick out like sore thumbs a bit, plus at one point I was sure Brian Potter was going wheel out on to the stage ala Phoenix Nights!

But not to worry we were there to see magic and come 8.30pm the stage was set for the stars of the show, namely the Hull based vocal illusionists ‘Vizage’.

Now I have seen ‘Vizage’ or Sam and Vicki Lane a few times in the past but never presenting a full evening show like on this occasion. To be honest the venue was not ideally suited for an illusion act but this did not deter them in any way, if it didn’t fit on the stage then it got worked on the dance floor.

To say their act is energetic is a bit of an understatement, and I did wonder how an aging audience would take it all in what with thumping music, flashing lights and revealing outfits. I need not have worried as after the opening illusion and a song from Vicki they were behind them 110% (more on the outfits later).

What followed was an hour of well thought out well balanced magic. It was a shame really that more magicians didn’t go along as they missed a great night, saying that the show was supposed to be for Hotel residents only and I did ask permission from ‘Vizage’ and the Hotel to see if they minded us sitting in. Thankfully they said yes!

Oh yes the revealing outfits!!! After a sword basket Vicki did a quick change which brought about a comment from an elderly chap in front of us who must have been knocking on a 100. Now I’m not easily shocked but his remarks floored me completely!

If you get chance to see ‘Vizage’ locally do try to get along to see them as you wont be disappointed, I think they are also in summer season this year at Scarborough? Check their website for full details –

As a add on to this review some of you that attended the Blackpool convention will know about a unforeseen accident that happened on the Friday night in the dealers hall, I was shocked to learn on the Saturday it had involved Sam from ‘Vizage’ with the result being a very painful injury. Thankfully Sunday he was up and about and around the convention, and I’m sure well on the way to a full recovery.

If you get chance drop him an email to wish him well, if he tries to sell you a tin of beans in return don’t worry as it's a good trick he has come up with.


© Freddie Wilkinson - President Nottingham Guild of Magicians, March 2006