Wow! This Show is Magic

Presented by Dr. Bondini, JezO, assisted by Malia - Lady of Mystery

The Playhouse, Harlow

November 2014

Reviewed by Prince Darius


It's a unique magic show - father and son - performing in their distinct styles - featuring Dr. Bondini with a cool and wicked sense of humor, and JezO - with high energy fast paced illusions, comedy, and audience participation that soon had the children eager to partake in the show. It's the type of show which you don't see now a days. With colorful dress changes and appropriate storytelling with music, the scene was set for the family audience to enjoy surprises, with comedy, and to be carried away into the fantasy world of Magic.

There were many throwaway gags, illusions with comedy twists, JezO's popular minibike made its appearance.. too many in all to remember. However, the best was the last 10 minutes of the show. The stage was set with eight Illusions featuring three performers and the use of pyrotechnics and stunning music specially composed and recorded by Tim Bond, another member of the Bond Family. It was a perfect and spectacular end to the show with some new and well-known illusions presented with unusual twists. Especially notable was Bondini's own version of Through the Eye of the Needle using Oil Drums; a Rotating Mincer; a Buzz Saw; a Revolution etc., etc., can't give the game away... you will have to read in the Magic Press when and where they are booked. You will see a modern, yet traditional, Magic & Illusion Show. Great family entertainment performed to a formula tried and tested over the last 25 years by Bondini and Family.

Prince Darius, November 2014