Penn & Teller: Fool Us (TV studio recording)


18th May 2011

Reported by Jack Stephens

The unique American magic act Penn and Teller are in the UK recording their series Fool Us. The idea behind the show is for a magician to perform in front of the duo, and if they succeed in fooling them on how the trick was done, they win a free trip to Las Vegas to appear in the Penn and Teller show. What a challenge. In the slick Fountain Studios in Wembley, north London, five magic acts attempted to fool Messrs Penn and Teller.

Michael Vincent was first on with a very slick card trick; three cards chosen form a red deck, signed, lost, and found in a blue deck.

Marc Oberon performed his well known card at any number/location which was very impressive. Along the way, an apple, a feather, a deck of cards and who knows what else turned to gold. An award winning performance indeed.


Laura London amused the audience with torn and restored 20.00 note routine, which also involved lemons, eggs, walnuts and a fair bit of comedy.

Alan Hudson was confident he would fool the hosts, with an off-beat CD music prediction, which culminated in a very funny finish. Did he manage to win the trip to Las Vegas he felt was in the bag?


Cubic Act were an illusion trio from France whom I have not heard of. An illusion act  - a box, low light - "oh please no", I thought. It was superb. Truly fantastic.

Penn told them after their performance, that he had no idea how it was done. It all now hinged on Teller who thought he may know the modus operandi. Of course he does not talk and so had to sketch it out on a pad. He approached the group and showed them how he thought the trick was done. Was he right? A tense moment in the audience. Silence. And then....... Sorry, it would not be right for me to reveal the results for Cubic Act or any of the other performers now. That would be unethical to the production company and it would spoil your enjoyment of the show when it airs. So you will have to wait and see for yourself.

The show concluded with Penn and Teller taking to the stage themselves, and performing a stunning Russian Roulette type effect.

Jonathan Ross hosted in his inimitable style and all in all it was a wonderful day spent watching an amusing mixed variety magic show.


Jack Stephens, May 2011