Reviewed by Paul Roffman

One of the most annoying parts of being a working magician is the paperwork.

Fortunately I have subscribed to Giggio and found an online contract and invoicing system that simplifies everything. This system becomes more useful the more one uses it.

As your database of clients increases the information can easily be transferred to a booking form or invoice with just one click. The client can confirm by clicking a link in the emailed booking form, which then allows you to email an invoice directly.

The system keeps a tally of all your information from the charges to the money owed. There is a dashboard, showing your confirmed bookings and a very useful invoice section which allows you to send reminders if a client has not paid their invoice. I can also pitch again for gigs the following year, which can be set as you enter a new event by ticking a box. There is also a reports section which shows a graph of your confirmed bookings throughout the year. The system itself is very simple to use but there are many tutorials to help with any new features.

This is designed by a performer and through his understanding of the real needs of working entertainers, has created a system that functions well for agents and performers. All ones booking information is stored in the cloud and is therefore accessible wherever you are. No more niggly templates or copy and paste to deal with. Just a professional online system that works well across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
In the time I have used Giggio, there have been constant improvements and additions to the system based on customer feedback. The monthly cost is minimal, especially compared to the savings in time spent. I am not bound to my home computer and can send contracts and invoices while on the go.

I wholeheartedly recommend Giggio for any entertainer who books their own gigs and does not want to be tied to their computer.



Paul Roffman, May 2013