Abberline's Repository

Produced by Lebanon Circle
Reviewed by Roni Shachnaey

I received my Abberline's Repository on Monday and immediately started to play with it. It soon became apparent to me that it is far from the usual. I took it on a test run the next day at friend's house. The first comment was "where did you get this box?"

They did not connect the box with magic and that pleased me no end.

When I opened the box and started talking about Jack the Ripper showing them the supporting evidence that was supplied with it I felt as if I had already started the show. For about half an hour my friends examined the police evidence the newspaper reports and Jack the Ripper letters. Until you witness the interest those papers create it is hard to explain people's reactions to the whole thing and the mood it creates. It was awesome for me to watch their faces - I loved it!

My first item was the now well known effect 'From Hell'. I performed it in a slightly different way and with only one candle light. With every one of my friends having to decide which picture was either a victim or non victim. It was a very eerie experience! I put the pictures now separated into two piles back in to the box, victims on one side, non victims on the other side of the partition and asked my friend Rachel to put her hands on the lid explaining to her that cold means death and warm means life. She closed her eyes and touched the lid with both hands. Rachel is a very level headed individual that runs her own business so I didn't quite expect the reaction I got from her, it was unreal! It took few seconds for Rachel to calm down before she pointed at one side saying this side felt cold. I opened the box to show Rachel that she was right as I showed her the back of the pictures. I could go on and on, but I'll only say that I could hardly move on. Somebody jumped and put the lights back on. They examined the pictures whilst saying that they have separated the pictures themselves etc. and asked Rachel what she felt on her palms. I simply could not continue for good few minutes and was very pleased that they could examine each and every picture.

The other effects were also very strong and again I performed them with a single candle light. It is a very long time since I had such strong reactions especially since my friends know that I am a magician. The comments where that this is not magic as they know it. It must be something else. The diary note inside the key was another talking point. I must say that we had a good few moments of laughter when I gave them an old penny each, saying that they will now play the part of the ladies of the night, especially when three pennies where given to my men friends to play the ladies of the night.

By that time they demanded that I do the sťance I had promised to do. I would like to thank Paul Bell for a great scripted Jack the Ripper Sťance. When I got to the part when I used the Ghost in the Machine you could hear a pin drop and gentle screams when Jack apparently replied to questions by ringing the bell from the dark side!

I had a great evening that lasted nearly three hours - all from one box! I never thought I would say this, but as a pro I think that Dan should charge a lot more for this (I simply don't want others to buy it!).

All can say is that it does what it says on the box and to my mind much more!

I can't wait for Lebanon Circle to bring out other projects. I am saving my pennies already.


© Roni Shachnaey, July 2010