The O'Connell Basic Card to Wallet
Produced by Jerry O'Connell
Reviewed by David Diamond

Let me first say that there is nothing basic about this wallet! It is a deluxe hand made, gentleman's jacket sized wallet. Specifically designed for the classic signed playing card to wallet effect. The word 'basic' referrers to one of a series of wallets that Jerry O'Connell produces. Others include a 'no palm' version of the above, a 'Card to sealed envelope wallet,' or his ultimate 'Plus wallet', which combines all features into one wallet!

The quality and workmanship of the O'Connell wallet that I have purchased is truly outstanding, and I'm not easily impressed! The black leather is soft and supple with a slight waxy shine. All four outside corners of the wallet have protective gold metal edging that not only add to the overall appearance of the wallet, but will also protect your investment. The inside of the wallet has four credit card slots on the right hand side with a large compartment for a driving licence behind. On the left hand side, there are three large compartments for bank notes or dollar bills, which are accommodated with ease. All compartments are fully silk lined. A 'Riri' brass zip, as found on all leading designer luggage, is located in the centre of the wallet. Not only is the zip aesthetically pleasing, but it should also give a lifetime of service. (Note: the Riri brass zip and full silk lining are Jerry O'Connell's latest up-grades to his wallets, and may not be found on older versions.)

Appearance wise the wallet looks and feels like a million dollars and will be at home on any corporate circuit. As for functionality and ease of use it scores top marks - there's no fumbling around whatsoever. Unlike some wallets this one has been designed by a magician, for the working magician. It is the correct height so it stands proud, just over the top edge of the inside jacket pocket giving a lighting fast load. The spectators can handle the wallet freely and never suspect or find a thing!


David Diamond, October 2002