Collectable Card Tricks

Marvin's Magic

Reviewed by MagicWeek

Marvin's Magic Collectable Card Tricks are ten really excellent card effects which drew their inspiration from some of the world's leading magicians. Spot-on Prediction, Magical Masterpieces, The Incredible Jumping Jack, United Nations of Magic, Amazing Print-A-Cards, Colour Changing Kings to Aces, Hypnotic Choice, Magic Cocktail Cabinet, Mysterious Mind Power, and Crazy Marked Cards. If you enjoy ingenious methods then you'll love some of these tricks, and will have great fun performing them.


All the specially printed cards handle beautifully, and each set is presented in its own hard-backed binder and comes with full-colour illustrated instructions. They are also available in two boxed sets of five, that each include a bonus trick. In their field these card tricks come out at the top of the stack.





Duncan Trillo, July 2000