Reviewed by Rob James

The effect of Coinvexed is very straightforward: A signed coin bends in the spectator's hands. A simple enough plot but this is the stuff that reputations are built on.

Of course, you can easily (and cheaply!) bend a non-signed coin using basic coin sleights but let's face it, audiences are smart and their first guess at the possible method will usually be correct.

There are other methods for bending a signed coin currently on the market, two of which use either a gaffed pen or a wallet to help the magic happen. There are professional magicians who use these to good effect but the beauty of Coinvexed is that there is apparently nothing in play from the beginning apart from the coins. Also, with the help of a well-structured and logical routine, by the time the audience thinks the trick is starting, the dirty work is long over allowing the performer to concentrate on the presentation.

The Coinvexed gimmick itself is excellent well designed and well made. This will last a lifetime. What you need to carry in order to perform the trick is fairly small so a working magician will be able to use it without too much concern for pocket space management. This also makes it the perfect impromptu trick. On the instructional DVD provided David Penn explains every minute aspect of the set-up and performance of the routine. David has worked this in over many performances, ironed out all the wrinkles and developed a routine that contains bullet-proof misdirection. Every single detail is covered to enable you to perform this and get the maximum impact from it.

In short this is superb. The ultimate solution to the bending coin plot. It ticks all the right boxes - commercial, deceptive and extremely memorable. Very highly recommended!

Coinvexed is available from World Magic Shop and is officially launched at the Blackpool convention 2008.

Rob James, February 2008.