Correct by Alan Astra
Reviewed by Jack Stephens

Alan Astra is a well-respected magician in the London area. Away from performing, Alan is known as ‘the man to go to’ if you want printing done on the back of playing cards. What you may not be aware of though, is that Alan also produces a range of magic tricks that are easy to do, but strong in effect.

Just released for the winter season is his effect, in collaboration with Mark Rowlings, called 'Correct'. The set consists of six metal discs, each containing a different picture on one side. An elimination game then follows, where the spectator follows instructions printed on a card, with the outcome being that the final card turned over is the only one with a message.

Simple – yes. Effective – very! It is a self-working trick which enables you to rely totally on the presentation. What makes it particularly appealing is the most attractive hard-wearing picture discs, which will last and last, and the strong sturdy instruction card. Also it is a delightful change from the standard style packet card trick. The picture discs are circular and this too makes them a little different to using playing cards.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow and the whole unit comes in a smart little plastic box that will fit inside your jacket or shirt pocket, making it ideal for walkabout close quarter performances.

It is also available in a larger size for parlour magic, and there is a children’s version which features pictures of balloon animal poodles in different colours. (For any balloon modellers who are not magicians, this could be a very novel item to add to your repertoire, providing the colour balloon, pre-shown in a hidden packet, as the prize). Alan will make a bespoke set for you if required. This means you can have a set made to match the theme at the function, be it Harry Potter, Superman or Liverpool Football Club.

The price is most reasonable too! £20.00 standard size / £25.00 parlour size / £25.00 bespoke standard size.

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© Jack Stephens, October 2014