Cover the Spot By Ian Kendall
Reviewed By David Diamond

For all the hustlers out there, here's something so old it is brand new! ‘Cover the Spot’ is a classic Bunco game from the golden age of the Carney. For a long time is was hard to find the correct size of discs, and there were little or no instructions available. Now for the first time you can own the discs with a complete a 20-minute DVD lesson from Ian Kendall.

A very simple ‘game’ in concept. One large red spot is to be completely covered by dropping 5 smaller white discs over the larger spot. Sounds and looks very easy when demonstrated, but your mark will never really stand a chance and will always leave some of the red spot showing.

Although no sleight of hand or gimmicked props are involved unless you know exactly how to drop the discs you can kiss your money goodbye.

Ian’s DVD instructions are extremely clear and easy to follow. In fact Alexis Conran from television's ‘The Real Hustle’ used them to learn the moves when they featured the con. Todd Robbins, Coney Island’s master of the Carney, says "Ian’s tutorial is the best source available for learning the working of the game." They also feature a detailed bonus section on Ian’s version of the 3 Card Monte Hype.

As for the props they are first class and professionally produced to the correct diameters. The large spot is bright red and the covering discs white, providing a great colour contrast making it extremely easy to see if the disc has been completely covered or not. Constructed from wipe clean plastic, they are very durable and very easy to handle, and with care they will last a lifetime.

This will take practice to get the knack of, but it's nothing too major. If you are already performing the Shells or Monte or have a Bunco type show, this may be that special something you have been looking to add. Highly recommended.


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© David Diamond, February 2009