Craig Ousterling’s Aged Okito / Boston / Slot Boxes & Coins

Reviewed by David Diamond

Craig’s name may not be known to many UK magicians. Nor is he a house hold name within the magic fraternity of the USA where he resides. However to his ever growing list of select collectors, professional and amateur magicians he is widely recognised for producing the very best, custom handmade coin boxes available.

They come in Dollar and Half dollar sizes. The Boxes are heavy weight and handle beautifully with rounded polished edges making moves faster and even easier than your standard boxes. His Boston box is perfect, it is impossible to tell the gimmicked side from the real side, something which cannot be said of some of the commercially available boxes.

Craig is famous for is patina work. I for one have never been a fan of shiny coins and Okito’s / Boston’s they have always screamed ‘prop’. (Could just be me!)

Craig can age his boxes with several different beautiful patinas which make your box stand out from the crowd and looking like an expensive antique. I also had my sliver half dollars aged to be in keeping with the box.

Everything is made to order and customer service is second to none.

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© David Diamond, May 2014