Destiny... It's your choice

Axel Hecklau

Reviewed by Duncan Trillo/MagicWeek

"Does destiny exist? It always ends the other way. This is a 'law of nature'. With Destiny - It's your choice you tackle this topic in a funny, astonishing and surprising way, in your parlour or stage show. A Destiny Card is freely chosen and drawn on a piece of paper. The spectator shuffles his card into the deck. Then she throws half of the cards into the air, several times, until just one card is left... but is this the Destiny Card? Life is full of surprises - and at the end of this routine there's a big surprise. This is the first routine by Axel Hecklau that comes as a DVD and as a Digital Download. Packs small - plays big! Fully detailed explanation. English/German. Download or DVD + Download."


If you haven't seen the effect yet I'd suggest watching the demonstration first:


Axel kindly sent through a DVD for review. As with everything Axel sells it's very well produced and runs for nearly one hour covering every possible detail.


Two things really appealed to me about this routine: first the subject itself, 'destiny', which is something you can really play with, with your audience - it's something we all ponder over and it will engage an audience. Secondly, as a magician, I really appreciate the fact that Axel's magic works! It's 100% practical. As ever, his attention to detail means that you, the performer, can relax and not worry about the method (which incidentally is both easy to do and very clever), and instead concentrate on your presentation.


There are a few changes I'd make though. My final 'prediction' would be drawn with the same Sharpie that the original was drawn in, in other words it would also be in black, and hand drawn (not red, not too neat), to make it more spontaneous, more natural, forgoing the magical worth of the colour contrast in favour of it looking more real... and I'd do away with the pre-printed playing card outline as well - it's not needed and looked a little 'magic propy' to me.


I'd strip this one back a little - leaving nothing but an impossible outcome to a fun routine.


Big recommendation for this one. Vorsprung durch Technik - again!



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Duncan Trillo, December 2015