by Andy Nyman

Reviewed by Anthony Owen

Yep Andy Nyman has done it again! DiceMan is Andy's newest addition to his small number of terrific trick releases for the magic community and is launched just in time for his third lecture at The Magic Castle next month.

The performer explains that - just like the protagonist of Luke Rhinehart's disturbing cult novel, The Dice Man - they have given up making decisions and that all their decisions are now made by the roll of a dice. A stack of laminated cards, each numbered from one to six, are displayed. The performer explains that on the other side of each card is an instruction which they must follow today if that number is rolled. The spectator rolls the ungimmicked dice to select a number. The six cards are laid out and the spectator turns over the card bearing the rolled number to reveal the instruction 'BE NICE'. The spectator turns over the remaining five cards to reveal that any of the other numbers would have produced a very different result bringing the trick to a shocking and amusing conclusion.

Like Andy's 1997 release 'Killer Elite' this has a wonderfully appealing plot and is a real baffler for a lay audience. However, DiceMan is a real fooler for fellow magicians too. There are no multiple outs. The above description is what occurs every single time the trick is performed whatever number is rolled. I like to think that I'm pretty knowledgeable about magic methods but when Andy performed this for me I was completely fooled for the first time in months. Andy has come up with an idea which transforms an age-old method and, as far as I'm aware, has never been utilised before. This trick is wonderfully deceptive and yet devilishly simple to perform. Hey, I might even say it's 'sleight-free', but hopefully I'd convinced you to buy it before we got to that.

The trick comes with the special laminated colour printed cards, a dice, a very cool printed aluminium business card holder for the cards and - as those dealers used to love to say - the 'special something'. The 4 page instruction booklet is well written and has clear illustrations from Danny Buckler.


Anthony Owen, October 2002


DiceMan costs 20 + p&p. (UK allow 10%)
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