The Economicon

Devised and Written by Al Smith

Mini-review by Duncan Trillo/MagicWeek

The  Economicon is a book test that Al Smith devised and released in small quantities about 10 years ago. It has just been reprinted and is now available exclusively from Merlins.


Using the two supplied books, together with a couple of audience members, The  Economicon offers the sort of spontaneity and freedom that I really like in mind-reading type effects. You can really "play" with this and devise your own routines, or simply follow the suggested presentation. There's more than one effect - which can all be presented in a very strong and direct way, or, if you prefer, you can make the presentation far more convoluted.


Without giving anything away I liked this a lot. It's very easy to learn, and comes with a small 14 page set of instructions that explain everything very clearly - that will have you blowing minds in no time!


If I was still doing mind-reading this would be straight in the act. Priced at 39.95 (post free to the end of December 2005) it also represents great value. Thoroughly recommended.


Duncan Trillo, 2005


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