First Impressions Pad
Scott Creasey

Reviewed by Tom Lauten

Scott Creasey, the man who brought us the "BIP" book now brings us "FIP", the "First Impressions Pad". This is Scott's personal take on the ever useful mentalists impression device.

The "FIP" (if I may refer to it as such from this point out) is a very innocent looking top wire bound notepad of unlined paper and measures 115mm x 75mm.

The pad is gimmicked in a very clever manner and it is about as examinable as one could realistically hope for a device that yields such a clean, clear and well disguised real-time impression. The peek is obtained in a very natural manner during a normal down-beat and the method of handling is outlined succinctly in Scott's 8 page colour and photo illustrated guide that is included in the package.

What's more this manual offers some ideas for basic usage as well as instructions for refilling the pad with the extra sheets provided. Finally, you also get a spare, ungaffed, matching pad which you can either switch out for full on examination or use as more refill fodder. To be honest I can't see any reason to switch out, I'm not in the habit of letting specs handle anything more than needed and what's more, they will find little to remark about with the "FIP".

The peek itself is mildly angle sensitive but so is a bill switch, centre tear read and swami writing, so no foul there. Reset is pretty darned easy and can be done "on-the-fly" with some practice but, for those of us who are a bit clumsy, now and again it would be best to take a spare 10 seconds off to the side to sort it out. Apart from a single sheet of paper per read there are no other consumables.

I have played with a number of the better know impression pads out there and for my money (32.00 including postage within the UK) First Impressions is absolutely "top rung" material. You can purchase the First Impressions Pad directly from Scott Creasey by emailing


Tom Lauten, November 2005