Fly Drive by Colin Mackenzie and Harry Robson
Reviewed by David Diamond

Effect. A spectators signed coin or ring disappears and ends up ‘inside’ an Audi key fob.
Comes with a very detailed DVD covering different ideas and handlings and full explanation.
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I have been using this professionally for a few weeks now the Key fob is beautifully gimmicked and will last a lifetime. It can even be causally examined and your spectator will find nothing. Nobody has yet asked to examine mine and I have done this a lot! A ring or a coin can be made to appear very quickly inside the key fob (without the use of a reel). The key fob has to be physically opened to retrieve the item. The spectator can even remove the item themselves.

The method like all good things is simple and sure-fire, leaving you time to concentrate on presentation rather than worrying about the technical aspect of the trick. One very easy basic sleight.

It is almost an instant reset, just put the keys back in your pocket and 2 seconds later you are ready to go again.

If you use David Bonsall’s Ring Flight Revolution, the key fobs are VERY similar which opens up all sorts of performance possibilities.

This is definitely a worker and I predict that it will become a standard item that many magicians will use.

© David Diamond , May 2013


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