Himber Twist Wallet


Reviewed by Nick Einhorn

They say it is important to make a good first impression. As soon as I received my Himber Twist Wallet I was impressed. The packaging was sleek, classy and well designed. Of course this means nothing if the product is inferior. I AM PLEASED TO SAY IT ISN'T. The wallet functions very well and is made of what seems to me, nice soft leather with a super leather smell, something I would have no hesitation pulling from my suit pocket in the company of the rich and wealthy.

The design of this specific wallet differs to others I have seen before. Specifically, there are pockets and flaps located in just the right places to allow for some interesting routines not possible with other wallets I have seen and own.

For instance, a card can be loaded into the back of the wallet whilst showing the wallet empty. This card is then ideally positioned under one of the inner flaps so that when you next open the wallet the loaded card is not just in the wallet but UNDER a flap. This allows for some deceptive appearances and changes.

Another nice touch is the credit card size pocket which JL2 suggest using for a torn and restored card routine. It functions very well. There is so much one can use a Himber Twist for I found myself playing with it for hours and came up with a few nice ideas which I look forward to using.

The ideas that come with the wallet are interesting too. An excellently produced DVD shows off 3 routines that use the wallet in different ways. Easy to do and great magic. With the wallet also comes a nicely produced E-booklet with Wayne Dobsonís routine VISION which is an idea inspired by Paul Wilson's Predator routine. This looks great too and Lee Thompson's light hearted street routine explained makes this something one could use in an intimate cabaret environment. Interestingly Lee also tips a 4-second watch steal idea that really has nothing to do with the wallet routine and I think he has made a mistake here. It is a method that makes a watch steal so easy that even I think I may be able to get away with it. If I were him I would have kept this close to my chest!

As regards to the wallet, for the price you get a professional and classy item that works smoothly, looks good and will do many things from magic to mentalism. It is a utility prop and I think every magician needs at least one Himber Wallet in their drawer so if you donít already own one, get this one. I am sure youíll enjoy using it.

© Nick Einhorn, June 2008





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