The JOL Informer Mentalists Wallet

Reviewed by David Diamond

Out this week is the all new ‘Informer’ wallet, adding to the line of other high quality JOL leather products for magicians. I was lucky enough to buy one from Jerry before the official release and I am extremely glad that I did. Check out Jerry's website below.

There are a lot of peek wallets out there (I own most of them) - some good some not so good, some hard to read the information in low light, some extremely expensive.

You will have no such worries with ‘The Informer’ as Jerry has produced an extremely cunning wallet that can work under any condition, giving an almost full card peek, without having to reopen the wallet, at an extremely reasonable price of £30.00.

Beautifully produced in the usual JOL quality leather is a small business card or credit card holder which fits easily into a shirt or suit top pocket.
Through its clever tri fold design the wallet appears very natural in performance and creates the impression that you have seen all sides of the wallet in a very casual manor.

In reality you obtain you peek right under their noses in the fairest possible way, which will fly by any audience. You start clean and end clean; everything is self working leaving you all you time for your presentation. Complete with full photographed instructions. Jerry calls this a dream product, and I think he is absolutely right. Highly recommend.

Available from or authorised dealers worldwide.

© David Diamond, July 2012