Little Bunny's Card Trick

by Bill Goldman

Reviewed by Tom Lauten

The effect:
The spectator shuffles some cards. The magician shuffles some cards. The cards are shuffled together in a haphazard manner, face up cards and face down cards together.

Then the story of Little Bunny's Card Trick is read out loud by the spectator. In the process, a series of surprising revelations comes to light. Little Bunny knows exactly how many cards are face up in the packet! He knows how many of them are black, how many are red, their suits...and he even knows the exact identity of one of the cards as it sticks out from the rest of them like a sore thumb!

There is no sleight of hand involved in Little Bunny's Card Trick. The spectator handles the cards, reads the story and amazes everyone in the room without prompting or management from the magician. This is a miracle that virtually works itself.

Perfect for audiences of all types including families, adults, or business people. This isn't a card trick meant for kids.

Supplied complete with detailed instructions and a gorgeous full color book that looks like it came off the rack at Barnes & Noble. A bonus effect is also included with the book.

Stunning...simply stunning. I LOVE this trick. It is so charming and deceptive. The book is beautiful and NOTHING is gaffed! It uses a simple principle that is lost in the routine...typical Bill Goldman genius! It really is for everyone and people are usually stunned by it. I actually got a round of applause today after performing it in a shop of all places!


2 out of 5 You just have a couple of things to remember. Beyond that no special handling sleights or anything weird!



10 out of 10! Elegance incarnate! Worth every penny and you'll use the method for other tricks!

Tom Lauten, January 2004


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