By Marc Kerstein

Reviewed by Ian Rowland

You invite any spectator to take a look at your website on their smart phone. They do, and they see that you have a few photos of you performing at various functions. You invite the spectator to name any card they want (no force of any kind). Letís suppose they say the five of clubs. You mention that, as it happens, there is only one playing card featured in any photo, anywhere on your website. The spectator scrolls through two or three photos on your site and, sure enough, they see that in one photo the five of clubs is clearly and prominently displayed. This really is the only playing card featured anywhere on your website, as they can check for themselves. Remember, the spectator is seeing this on their own smart phone the whole time.

There is no force, no pre-show, nothing written down. Whatever card the spectator names will be the one and only card they see, via their own phone, on your website. This miracle works every time and is under your complete control. Itís a solo item, with no need for assistance or covert help of any kind. You donít even need to have your own website, as the trick automatically sets you up with what will pass for one. Many tricks that utilise smart phone technology look like exactly what they are: an app that anyone can download and so anyone can perform the trick. This doesnít. It doesnít look like anything except an inexplicable miracle.

This is a miraculous Ďthink of a cardí effect that is simply magnificent. In fact, if I hadnít seen this with my own eyes I wouldnít have believed itís possible. The spectator is left with your website and contact details on their own phone, and with a darned good reason to show it to other people and shout about your miraculous talents. It is very hard to think what else you could possibly want from a close-up miracle of mentalism.

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© Ian Rowland, August 2014.