Axel Hecklau

Reviewed by Duncan Trillo/MagicWeek

From the makers:

Newsflash: The optimization of a classic. "Tear up a newspaper and restore it lightning fast and extremely visually, at chest height, full-sized and with totally natural movement. Learn the new and simple method from Axel Hecklau. Present with confidence and ease. Totally natural movement. Extremely visual quick restoration. Presentable even when surrounded by a crowd. Many possible variations. Get all this valuable experience, and benefit from five years research and development. DVD features easy overview with the quick tour. See the preparation and presentation phases in full length from magicians point of view. You will get the main gimmick and a DVD."


Before you read another word, watch the video demonstration if you haven't yet seen it:


Straightaway, if you are familiar with this classic effect, you'll notice how the restored newspaper springs into life, as if being reborn. It's very fast and it is very magical. This is down to a number of things; the way the paper unfolds, the handling, the operation of the gimmick that makes it all work, but ultimately Axel Hecklau's attention to detail. This is what the Torn and Restored newspaper looks like after it's been experimented with and refined to perfection. Axel Hecklau is to this trick what those mad chefs on BBC 2 are to cooking! The guy is clearly an obsessive - and boy has it paid off!


In the pack you receive a beautifully produced, entertaining and well shot instructional DVD and the gimmicks (note: there's nothing to wear out or go wrong here). You'll need to source your own newspapers of course together with other bits 'n bobs to make up each paper, i.e. scissors and glue stick. Axel has a clever tip for anyone looking for a free source of newspapers on the disc.


Although not difficult this effect should be rehearsed until you can do it virtually blindfolded. It would be a tragedy if this brilliant version of the Torn and Restored newspaper was ruined by an inept performer. Your reward will be the reaction of your audiences.


Axel Hecklau has brought new life into this much-loved classic of magic. Newsflash is outstanding.


Vorsprung durch Technik.



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Duncan Trillo, December 2008