Matthew Garrett

Reviewed by Duncan Trillo/MagicWeek

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Like many good ideas in magic, it's simple. You just make one of the rings very small. Small, and quite distinguishable. A recognisable object in fact, a finger ring. You clearly hold two separate metal rings, you magically link the two rings together and immediately hand out this impossible object.

There's nothing to find.

Ninja+ can be performed alongside Ninja Rings, or as a stand alone effect.

Ninja+ is great for walkabout and close-up and can be performed completely surrounded.

Ninja+ is an awesome effect, you visually link a finger ring onto a larger ring and immediately hand out this impossible object. But itís so much more, you can link it in your hand, a spectatorís hand or in mid-air! You can even cleanly link the spectatorís finger ring. You can link the rings one handed, and change the order of the rings one handed. Thereís nothing to find.

Ninja+ uses no magnets, threads or complicated mechanics. The rings are all high quality and are chrome plated.

There is a beginnerís routine so you can start performing this trick almost straight away, and also more advanced moves, flourishes and routines to keep the sleight of hand artists busy.


Here's what we say:


This is an excellent piece of very strong, attention getting, visual magic - making it ideal for close-up under any type of performance conditions. The props and supplied kit are nothing short of first class and the instructional DVD meticulous. There's nothing to wear out, nothing to replace, nothing to reset, nothing to go wrong.


For the working professional close-up performer who understands the value of high-impact magic this kit simply can't be faulted. It ticks all the right boxes and gets our highest recommendation.


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